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Beirut protestors close "pro-Israel" store

beirut protestors close pro-israel store

Lebanese demonstrators, angry at US support for the deadly Israeli onslaught on Gaza, have forced an American store to shut down.

The protesters, chanting anti-Israel slogans, forced the closure of a shop belonging to Starbucks Coffee Company in Beirut, calling for an embargo on the US-based chain.


Over the past 19 days, at least 975 Palestinians have been killed and nearly 4,500 wounded in the Israeli army"s offensive into the Gaza Strip.

The protest was the latest of a series of anti-Israel rallies across the Arab world since the December 27 incursion into Gaza began.


The protesters accused Howard Schultz, Starbucks" owner, of donating money to the Israeli military.


The demonstrators carried banners that read: "The children of Lebanon and Palestine warn that Starbucks drinks lead to buying deadly weapons."


Boycott The State Which Is Causing Genocide Of Humanity


some link to guide you who is helping this war to carry on and we should not let even 1 cent of ours going to kill innocent people.



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Source: www.presstv.ir


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