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Do you still remember us?!

Do you still remember us?!

palestinians extinguish a fire after an israeli missile strike on a house in gaza

We are still under siege, darkness.....And hunger.....


Do you still remember us?!

israeli soldiers


To get water we have to walk so far..... To fill a bottle or a jar......


Do you still remember us?!

child injured in israeli attack

We still have No food..... Or medicine to be fed.....

Our kids.....are dying every day....... in their beds.....And many have just tears to shed.....


Do you still remember us?!

bodies of palestinian

Death! is everywhere.....that sometimes we have No place, to make Our prayer.....


Do you Really still remember us?!

baby rush to hospital


We have nothing but pain..... illness.....And daily sadness.......to Share.....


So do you still remember us?!

a palestinian man carries the body of five-year-old boy abdullah bahar at the morgue in al-aqsa martyrs hospital in central gaza strip

At least in your prayer?! Gaza children implore you! They are dying; due to the blockade!

There is "growing humanitarian crisis," happening in Gaza.....

There is an EXTREME restricted access,to food, water, and medicine!!

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