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IRIB to produce tele-theater on Saadi

saadi tomb
Photo: Tomb of Saadi

A tele-theater series on the life of Saadi will be produce by Jam-e Jam TV Network in four languages in near future.

Entitled “Delicate Word of Saadi,” the series will be produced in Persian, English, and Arabic and French by Jam-e Jam, the IRIB’s international TV channel available via satellite, the scriptwriter and producer told Persian service of Fars News Agency.

Hamidreza Nematollahi went on to say that the 30-part tele-theater would be a combination of Naqqali, an Iranian dramatic performance accompanied by traditional Iranian music, and sequences to be shot at Saadi’s Tomb in Shiraz.

“I started to write the screenplay in January 2008 and now it is almost complete. I used many sources but mainly Abdolhossein Zarinkub’s book ‘Delicate Word of Saadi’,” he added.

Nematollahi went on to say that the film will be shot as soon as the screenplay is prepared which probably will take two months.

All actors and actresses will be narrators who tell life of Saadi in the episodes of the series.

The narrations will be expressed in the various dialects belonging to Iran’s different provinces, including Fars, Khuzestan, Kerman and Gilan. The actresses and actors will wear regional costumes, which manifest the national notion in Saadi’s poetry, he said.

He expressed his hope that Shiraz’s officials cooperate with the series’ crew on shooting scenes at Saadi’s Tomb.

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