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Tebyan’s team Advocacy to defense people of Gaza

palestin people

O People…

Tebyan’s team invites you to see the bitter scenes and virulent reality of the present Gaza.

Pain, Agony, Blood, Death, Horror – all these things are what is gifted to Gaza people in the third Millennium!

In which religion the massacre of Innocent, helpless and defenseless kids, women and human is allowed?

In which clause of laws for human-right injuring, killing and making people homeless is counted lawful?

In which religion; the prophet of God was silent towards cruelty, injustice and Tyranny?

It makes no difference whether you are Muslim, Christian or Jew. Whether your Prophet is Mohammad (PBUH), Jesus (PBUH) or David (PBUH)! You only have to be a mother or a father to feel the pain of losing a child in your warm bosoms! 

It is enough to be a child to invite the tears in your eyes by seeing the bloody and lifeless bodies of your mother and father.

It’s enough to be a human to feel the fear of fire and gun-shots on top of your head, or feel the shivering in your hearts for being homeless or the fear of your home collapsing on top of you!

It is said that the rulers should have the following traits to rule people: bravery, responsibility, strength and understanding and respecting humanity!

Which ruler in the world and international organization has forced the world to keep quiet towards this cruelty and killing?

Today Gaza represents an unfair bloody war and represents the quietness of the leaders of the world. What would hold the future and who would be next to experience all this? Who pays for all this cowardly sheepish rulers? Who pays? It’s obvious! It would be the defenseless kids, their tears and pains who would pay for the fear and sheepishness of the rulers of the world whom are the flag-bearers of justice and human-right!

We as Tebyan cultural institute team under the Humanitarian Rule, Morality Rule and under faith of believing in one God who is Beneficent and Just CONDEMN the unlimited oppression and cruelty which has been gifted to the people of Gaza and DEMAND the rulers’ of the world’s reaction to stop this inhumane attack on Gaza people! 

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