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Palestine the land of oppression


stone the only weapon
Today the world sits and watches the killing of innocent people of Palestine. The media all over the world doesn"t show the real images of what is happening in Gaza at least 300 people have been killed by the attacks, which started on Saturday.


Israeli officials say the military operation is aimed at taking out Hamas compounds throughout the coastal sliver. At least 300 people have been killed by the attacks, which started on Saturday.


Israeli envoy to the UN Gabriela Shalev said Sunday that the Hamas movement had forced Tel Aviv to launch the military campaign on Gaza. This excuse of Israel is killing a lot of innocent people and even the Arab countries are saying nothing.


Hamas is a group of freedom fighter. Israel and US always says that Israel have the right to defend them self. What about the Palestine, their blood is not of any value they don"t have any right to defend them self.
man rushing to hospital
Palestine and Gaza would keep on saying that "Today the people of Gaza have made their choice - the choice of blood. They are resisting with firmness. Nothing will prevent them, without even anybody"s help, from continuing with their resistance, despite bloodshed and martyrdom."  Nasrallah
killing of a child by israel

How many innocent people these Israel will kill all the Muslims have learn from their leader like Imam Hussein (as) to give their last drop of blood in freedom fight.


Nasrallah meanwhile criticized Arab media saying, "Some of these Arab satellite channels, which we can call them Hebrew channels and not Arab channels, were showing people in Gaza killed yesterday and today as like somebody killed in some traffic accident in India. Then they show the news going back to normal as if there is no Arab humanitarian catastrophe happening in Gaza."


In the news media it keep reporting that "At least one Israeli has been killed by a rocket launched from Gaza, Since the current surge in violence began there is no reporting of 300 innocent people who have been killed in last 2 days.


The US blames Hamas for provoking Tel Aviv and has called on the movement to stop its rocket attacks on Israel "if the violence is to stop," said US National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe in a statement on Saturday.


On Sunday, the US blocked a UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate halt to the ongoing assaults on Gaza. The council, meanwhile, called for an end to all military activities in region.

palestinian boy to hospital

When asked whether Israel would comply with the council"s call, the Israeli envoy evaded the question by saying such decision would be a determinant of the action of the Palestinian movement.


"We will wait and see whether Hamas is going to abide," Shalev said.


Hamas has vowed to launch rocket strikes in retaliation to the attacks on Gaza. On Saturday, an Israeli man was killed by a Hamas rocket and four others were wounded.

death bodies of innocent civilians

The death toll in the Gaza Strip, meanwhile, continues to rise, as the Israeli operations are still underway. So far, reports suggest that at least 300 people have been killed since the attacks started on Saturday.

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