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Heart disease second killer in Iran

heart pain
Health officials believe cardiovascular diseases, particularly heart attacks, are the second most common cause of death in Iran.

The age of developing cardiac diseases has reduced in the country, Behzad Sarvar Azimzadeh reported in the 'Arrhythmia and heart failure' congress in Kerman, Iran.


Obesity, sedentary lifestyles stress and smoking are the main risk factor contributing to the lowered age of heart disease in the country. Lifestyle changes can therefore prevent more than 80 percent of heart-related conditions.

Previous studies had reported that while there is no gender preference for developing cardiovascular disease among youth, Iranian boys are more prone to high blood pressure. Tall boys with an inactive lifestyle are more likely to suffer from hypertension.


Heart attacks are more frequent in winter, as cold weather increases blood pressure, putting strain on the heart and sometimes leading to an attack.


Health officials recommend cardiac patients to avoid staying in low temperatures for long hours and urge them to keep warm in order to reduce the heart workload.


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