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Eating well, Even while Eating out

We know that eating healthy foods is essential to obtaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Incorporating food such as fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains contributes to our strength, growth and overall quality of life.

 But it can be difficult to make the decision to eat healthily while temptations lurk through every menu at every restaurant. Though splurging once in a while on your favorite foods is okay, how can you maintain your busy schedule and incorporate healthy foods into it?


The Splurge Mentality

Many people figure that it is okay to splurge on our favorites when we eat out, as long as we eat well while at home. However, many people don’t consider how much they actually eat out. Here’s a challenge, keep a journal of what and where you eat for an entire week. You might be surprised at how many unhealthy meals you consumed, especially while eating on the run!


How Unhealthy Eating Affects the Body

Not only is unhealthy eating attributed to the obvious problems of weight gain and diseases like diabetes, but it also affects our bodies in other ways. Eating foods that are unhealthy contributes to bringing the body down in several ways: Strain of day-to-day mental functions Energy loss Weight Gain Future Health Risk Lack of Strength.Why not try taking a look at your average eating habits; not just consumption over a day or two.


Eating On the Run

Though it may seem difficult to choose healthy meals while on the run, it can actually be simple. While eating a fast food meal at a restaurant or grabbing something from your fridge, remember that you are in control and that variety is essential. Here are a few pointers to help you choose healthy options while on the go:


Healthy Balance

Look for meals that contain a healthy balance of protein, fruits, vegetables and grains. Something like a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread is a great alternative to a cheeseburger.


Watch Portion Size

Though restaurants like to give you large portions remember that you don’t have to eat it all. Consider boxing up half of your meal to eat later in the day.


On the Side, Please!

Ask for salad dressings and other condiments on the side, that way you control the amount that you’re eating.


The Tough Choice!

Try to choose vegetables over French fries and fruits over sugary desserts.

Jump off the Soda Bandwagon!

Try water or unsweetened iced tea as an alternative to soda. Sodas contain large amounts of sugar that will temporarily boost your energy but will ultimately leave you feeling fatigued.



Use a general nutrition chart to keep track of your progress. If you can’t remember a food groups to choose from, look at the food pyramid.

Try to incorporate some of these options into your daily habits; you’ll feel better about your choices and your body will thank you.

With these tips you are well on your way to leading a nutritious and healthy life. Take the time to sit down with your family and set goals to achieve good health.

Make healthy living an important part of your life. Making good choices in your food, drink and daily exercise plan will help you live longer and live healthier!

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