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  • 12/15/2008

Ahmadinejad Dismisses Sarkozy’s Remarks



Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday dismissed criticism from French President Nicolas Sarkozy, saying his comments lacked "political credibility".

"We do not care much; we have to see in practice. We do not consider this remark to have any political credibility," Ahmadinejad told reporters.

Sarkozy, whose government has taken a tough stance against Tehran over its nuclear drive, said on Wednesday he could not sit at the same table as Ahmadinejad, due to his anti-Israeli stances.


Iran’s foreign ministry summoned the French ambassador to Tehran, Bernard Poletti, and this week to voice the Islamic republic’s "strong objections to the recent interfering comments by the French president".

Yet, Paris has maintained its position even after Tehran summoned the ambassador.

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