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Ghadir in respect of the Present Imam (a.s.)

ali (as)

After all the painstaking efforts we are unmistakably able to conclude that the present problems of the Muslim Ummah are originally due to the mistakes and falsehood of the previous generation and not the present.

This root of all falsehood is the disregard of the Holy Prophet’s (s.a.w.a.) words when he appointed Ali (a.s.) at Ghadir.

Now if we would like to correct the error that had taken place in the earlier times, then Allah (s.w.t.) has given opportunity to us. After Ali (a.s.) there are 11 more vicegerents. Like the tradition specifies:

Sheikh Sulayman Balkhi Hanafi in his Yanabiu’l-Mawadda, ch. 76, reports from Fara’idu’s-Simtain of Hamwaini, who reports from Mujahid, who reports from Ibn Abbas, that a Jew named Na’thal came to the Holy Prophet and asked him questions about Tawhid (Unity of Allah). The Holy Prophet answered his questions and the Jew embraced Islam. Then he said: “O Holy Prophet, every prophet had a wasi (vicegerent). Our Prophet, Moses Bin Imran, made a will for Yusha Bin Nun. Please tell me who is your wasi?” The Holy Prophet said:


“My vicegerent is Ali Bin Abi Talib; after him are Hasan, and Husain and after them are nine Imams, who are the successive descendants of Husain.”

Na’thal asked the Holy Prophet the names of those Imams. The Holy Prophet said: “After Husain, his son, Ali, will be the Imam; after him his son, Muhammad; after him his son, Ja’far; after him his son Musa; after him his son, Ali; after him his son, Muhammad; after him his son, Hasan; after him his son, Muhammad Mahdi will be the last Imam. There will be twelve Imams.”


In addition to the names of the nine Imams, this hadith further states that each would succeed as Imam after his father. Na’thal made further inquiries, and the Holy Prophet described the manner of death of each Imam.

Then Na’thal said, “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that you are His Holy Prophet. I bear witness that these twelve holy Imams are your vicegerents after you. What you have said is exactly what is recorded in our books and in the will of Moses.”


Then the Holy Prophet said:

“Paradise is for him who loves them and obeys them, and Hell is for him who is hostile to them and opposes them.”

Na’thal then recited some couplets to the effect that “May Allah, the Exalted, shower His blessings upon you, chosen Prophet and pride of the Bani Hashim. Allah has guided us by means of you and the twelve holy men whom you have named. Certainly Allah has purified them and preserved them from impurity. He who loves them is successful. He who hates them is the loser. The last of the Imams will quench the thirst of the thirsty. He is the one the people will wait for. Prophet of Allah, your progeny is a blessing for me and for all the believers. Those who turn away from them will soon be thrown into Hell.”

ali (as)

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