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Books related to event of Ghadir

imam ali

There are at least 185 sunni books which have mentioned the event of Ghadir.

 It is not possible to mention all of them here but we mention just a few:

1. The well known commentator and historian of the fourth century hijri, Abu Ja’far Muhammad Bin Jarir Tabari (died 310 A.H.), gives complete details of the hadith of Ghadir in his book Kitabu’l-Wilaya and has narrated it through seventy-five chains of transmission.


2. Hafiz Abu’l-Abbas Ahmad Bin Sa’id Abdu’r-Rahman Al-Kufi, popularly known as Ibn Iqda (died 333 A.H.), narrated this holy hadith in his book Kitabu’l-Wilaya through 125 chains on the authority of 125 companions of the Holy Prophet.


3. Ibn Haddad Hafiz Abu’l-Qasim Haskani (died 492 A.H.), in his Kitabu’l-Wilaya, has narrated in detail the event of Ghadir along with the revelation of the verses of the Qur’an.


Similarly some of the many books of Shia authors who have shown the event of Ghadir by providing extensive Sunni sources are:

1. Al-Ghadir by Allama Amini - This is apparently the most magnanimous work on the event of Ghadir. This book is in 11 Volumes.


2. Abaqatul Anwar by Mir Hamid Husein – Lot of material available on the subject of ghadir using sunni references.


3. Nafahatul Azhaar by syed Ali Milaani - This is basically explanation of the book Abaqatul Anwar.


4. Ihkaakul Haq by shaheed-e-thalis Qazi Noorullah Shustri - this book has dealt the subject of Ghadir in many of its parts.



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