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Look Around You (God and Human)




Look around you

I am here

In every sound

The sun shining down

The summer breeze

And winter’s freeze

In drops of rain

The ocean’s water

This light of the day

The dark of night

I am here


Wandering lost

Falling down

My heart cries out

“My Lord, where are You?”

I can’t do anymore

I can’t be alone

Why did You leave me

To crawl upon my knees?

The pain is too much to bear

The price way too high

No way I can pay

Oh my God!

Please see me


Look around you

I am here

Reach up your hand

I will help you stand

I have never moved

You chose to live in you

Where I’ve been

I will always stay

Little one,



I am the way

But dear God

Don’t You see

All that is

In front of me?

It is my burden

My suffering

You don’t listen


Look around you

I am here

Open your ears

So much I’ve spoken

You don’t hear

So much I’ve shown

You choose

To be alone

You knew Me once

You turned away


In My sight

You’ve always stayed

Okay. Maybe it is true

When I cried

Where were You?

You say

You are love

Why do I see

Emptiness above?

I feel unworthy

The world is filthy

I don’t belong

Where is my song?

Open your eyes


I am here

Lift up your hand

Every moment of your life

I hold you in My light

Look around you

I am here

In every breath you take

In sleep and when you wake

Open your eyes

I surround you

In every morning light

And the dark of night

A summer’s breeze

I give you peace

You are one of many

I still know

When you need Me

Never unworthy

Always with Me

Lord said


It would be so

Look to Me

I know where to go

Look around you

I am with you

Would you have survived

Without Me in your life?

I felt your pain

I planned you that way

It doesn’t seem fair

I would give you such despair

But I formed your heart

I know your part

You had to suffer

In order to offer

The strength I gave you

Look around you

Always I’ve been with you

I know you’re angry

How else would you know Me?

I made you strong

Because the road is long

You will not fall


Look around you

I am here

With each step

You must look up

In the sun and in the stars

Mirrors only of My light

Look around you

I am here

You are not alone

I am waiting

Waiting to welcome you home.


By: Ahby

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