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Sadaqat-ul-Jariyah: The Actions Which Outlive You!



The Actions Which Outlive You!


1. Give A Copy Of Quraan To Someone And Each Time They Read From It, You Will Gain Hasanaat.


2. Donate A Wheel Chair To A Hospital And Time A Sick Person Uses It, You Will Gain Hasanaat.


3. Share Constructive Reading Material With Someone.


4. Help In Education A Child.


5. Teach Someone To Recite A Dua. With Each Recitation, You Will Gain Hasanaat.


6. Share A Dua Or Quraan CD.


7. Participate In The Building of A Masjid.


8. Place A Water Cooler In A Public Place .


9. Plant A Tree. Each Time Any Person Or An Animal Sits Under Its Shade Or Eats >From The Tree, You Will Gain Hasanaat.


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