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Mysteries of Salaat (asrarol-salaat) : Audio Lecture Part 1



Asrarol-Salaat part  2

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Every Ebaadat (act of Obudiyya) has an external (Zaaher) aspect and an internal (Baaten) aspect. The Zaaher aspect of all acts of prayers and Amaal (such as salaat, fasting, Hajj, Does not do any thing in making us close to Allah), or does not bring about (قرب). The Niyya (intention) in all amaal is closeness to Allah or قرب.


It is the Baaten of Amaal which can (only can. No guarantee) make us closer to Allah.Would the Zaaher of amaal do Tatheer (Cleansing)?  If it does, how it did not make Khawaarej Taaher? What made distinction between Khawaarej and companions of Imaam, while they were both doing lots of Amaal?  The sign of Sajda in forehead and Quran memorization of Khawaarej was exemplary.


خلقت الاشياء لاجلك وخلقتك لا جلي

                                  حديث القد سي


I created every thing for you and created you for myself    


يابن أدم خلقت الاشياء لاجلك,وخلقتك لا جل  عبادتي ولا  تمهل ماخلقتك لا جله لما خلقته  لاجلك

                                           حديث القد سي

O, the son of Adam, I made every thing for you, and made you to worship me. Do not waste/loose/put aside what you are made for, by what is made for you.



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