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  • 10/14/2008

World pays price of faulty US policies


 Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says World states are paying the price of defective and illusionary US economic policies.

“Though the current global economic meltdown is partly to do with World states’ economic structures, it is mainly the result of unwise policies devised by a certain country which claims world management whilst it is never liable for its mismanagements,” Larijani stated.

He made the remarks in his keynote address to the Inter- Parliamentary Union (IPU) meeting in Geneva on Monday.

He added that developing countries’ lack of attention to their national economy has prepared grounds for major powers’ adventurous and harmful economic moves.

“The only policy which developing states can employ to prevent further economic damage is the expansion of their indigenous economic structures.”

He meanwhile underscored parliaments’ outstanding role in achievement of such an end, concluding that they should adopt proper strategies to help strengthen the domestic economies of their countries

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