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Computers increase eye problems


Ophthalmologists believe the increased use of computers has resulted in an eye-related discomfort known as "computer vision syndrome".

Many studies have reported that compared to other highly visually demanding occupations, people who work with computers are not at a higher risk of visual problems.

Some studies, however, have linked premature myopia with too much computer use during childhood.

Eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision and neck or shoulder pain are the most common complaints reported among individuals who sit in front of the monitor for long periods; these symptoms, however, are temporary and resolve after reducing stopping computer work.

Staring at a computer screen for long hours and not blinking lowers tear flow, and therefore, worsens eye redness, irritability and fatigue.


Uncorrected vision problems, poor computer design and workplace.

Ergonomics, as well as highly demanding visual task are factors that aggravate visual symptoms among computer operators.

Physicians believe frequent breaks are helpful in tackling the fatigue and stress caused by computer work. They also recommend voluntary blinking or the use of artificial tears in individuals who are used to staring at the monitor.

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