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  • 10/7/2008

Threats come from Washington not Iran



An American activist said that Iran has committed no mistake and the world does not know yet the reason of threats and sanctions imposed on the country by America and its allies.

According to the Workers World website, Dolores Cox added although the International Atomic Energy Agency’s inspectors have found no evidence of Iran’s developing nuclear weapons program, Bush still believes that that Iran was a threat to the world peace.

Referring to the President Ahmadinejad speech in the UN General Assembly, he said the American media as usual could not be fair and criticized IRI President’s remarks.

"The war drums seem to be banging. And we are still waiting for the US government and the media to explain why Ahmadinejad is considered one of the most hostile and controversial heads of state and Iran is so dangerous. What is the rhetoric really all about?"

"War on Iran and its people would be another preemptive war for oil. There are no weapons of mass destruction? However both the US and Israel do posses nuclear weapons," he reiterated.

"Threatening security and stability of the Middle East region comes from Washington not from Iran. With all the US threats and years of embargo against Iran we are still left wondering: what exactly are Iran’s crimes?" the American activist said.

"The US is not interested in peace in the region. Instead it prefers to display force and military power to get its way. It has historically been involved in creating and fueling hostilities in the region," he said adding.


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