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The Liscence of holy Koran



English version

the glorious God has not advised people to anything as he has to Koran because koran is the strong thread of God and His trustable voucher  in which there is the happiness (spring) of heart and fountains of knowledge" (a part of Sermon 176, Nahj AL-Balagha, Amir Al-Mo"menin Ali(A.S)

The main parts of Meshkat:


    - text of Koran

    - the causeof its descent

    - intonation(tajvid)


    -exegesis of Ayat-Allah Faghih Imani

   -selection of Nemone Exegesis by Ayat-Allah Makarem Al-Shirazi

3. Science and Knowledge:

   - the special information on  the Surahs


   - questions and answers


  - subjects

  - words

  - meanings


  - the guide of Meshkat

   -our role

  - the production groupe



-showing the translation of the holy Koran by use of Ottoman Taha style of writing   7

using the table of content  in showing the verses of Holy Koran and quick access to Surahs and verses  8

the amplitude of surah,sects and parts in order to find the text of holy Koran 11

the reciting of holy Koran by voice of Master Parhizkar in  form of Tartyl  12

link between the information of the text of Koran and diffrent parts of the cause of descent, exegesis, intonation, meaning 18

calender, subjects and words



reciting and text of holy Koran alongside with the implementation of intonation rules on the words by the purpose of reciting the holy verses

showing the Arabic text of holy verses in colorful parts, intonation rules on the words by the purpose of reciting, 21

showing the Arabic texts of holy verses in colorful parts, rules related to reciting 23

explaining the rules of reciting the holy Koran 24

explaining the signs 24

the possiblity of searching based on some special intonation in the text of holy Koran



explaining the reason of descent for the verses of holy Koran and access to the table of content of the related verses

link to the text of holy Koran


the special information on the surahs, being descented in Mecca or Medina, names of surahs, the content and virtue of them,

lunar calender and the verses which had been descented on special days and months along side with titles in each verse, 38

questions and answers related to holy Koran  39


information in this part include the subjects driven from Koran, the sub subjects and their explanation. while showing the mentioned information, the related verses and surahs are also accessible.

-  70000 main titles driven from the holy Kran in more than 2200 sub titles-3 levels        40

-showing the text and translation of the holy Koran related to each subject and diffrent sub subjects.(click on the text of Koran) 41

- possiblity of selecting a word from the text of Koran 42

- access to the related information and adresses (of the holy Koran directly) 43


-list of all the words of Koran  44

- 160000 words from Koran in more than 5000 sub titles( click on the text of Koran) 45

- possiblity of selecting a word from the text of Koran  46

- access to the related information and adresses (of the holy Koran directly)


- 30000 meaning of koranic words related to 1000 words through roots of the words 47

- possiblity of selecting special words from the text of Koran (exactly on the text)  48

- showing the meaning and its explanation

- access to the list of all available meanings 49


for the premium use of this software, a part called guide has been planned. this part not opnly provides users with explanations of diffrent parts but also instructs them how to use it.


Meshkat software can by run by Windows XP so it is necessary that your system be provided with it.


 put CD or DVD in the CD ROM or DVD ROM.In the normal condition, the installation of program (set up) should be run automaticly. if it is not run because of diffrent reasons such as inactivatedness of autorun, run the file of SET UP.EXE from MY COMPUTER.

some seconds after the start of installation, you will be asked about the route of installation.( you can change the adress or leave it unchanged)

after choosing the place of installation and click on the NEXt, it will be started.

the next stage is the installation of SPEECH SDK which provides the possiblity of speech text in the software. its installation takes time. 13

after finishing the installation of SPEECH CDK click on the FINISH  14 

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