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Hakimeh Narrating the Birth of Imam Mahdi (AJ)

imam mahdi

The twelfth Celestial Leader of the Islam, Huyyat Ibn Al-Hasan Al-Mahdi (God’s greetings be for him and his ascending) opened his eyes to the world at the start of the dawn of the day Thursday 15 of Sha‘ban month, of the year 255 H.L, correspondent with the July 28, 869 after Christ, at the City of Samarra, at the eleventh Imam‘s house.


Mother of Imam Mahdi(AJ):

His honorable father was the eleventh Imam of the Immaculated, Imam Hasan Al- Askari (Peace be upon him), and his mother the great lady Naryis that acquaintance is also with the name "Susan" and "Saiqal". She was the daughter of "Iush"a" the son of the emperor of Byzantium, and her grandmother was descendant of the apostle Peter, Jes?s"s successor (Peace be upon him). Naryis was so virtuoso woman that "Hakima", the Imam Al-Hadi "s sister (Peace be upon him), one of the distinguished ladies from the family of the Imamate, used to call her "my Lady" and "my family"s Lady" and she showed up as her servant.

When Naryis was in Constantinopla she had some amazing dreams. She saw that in an occasion appeared Messenger of the Islam ( Peace be upon him ) to her and Jes?s ( Peace be upon him ) and that they were marring her with the Imam Hasan Al-  Askari ( Peace be upon him ).


She saw another wonder in another dream and for invitation of Fatimah Az Zahr (Peace be upon her) in that dream really became a muslim, however, she dissimulated in front of her family and the other ones her new religion, until the war between the Muslim and the Byzantine started up and the same Emperor with his army was heading for the battlefield.

Naryis saw in a dream that they ordered her than in incognito form along with the staff of servants accompany the army that was heading for the frontier to fight, and she did it that way. Right now being in the frontier some of the vanguard of the army of the Muslim took them captive, and without that they know that she was a member of the family of the Emperor they took her along with the rest of the prisoners to Baghdad.

imam mahdi

This event happened at the ending of the Imamate of the tenth Immaculated, Imam Al- Hadi (Peace be upon him) and the Imam"s Al-Hadi (Peace be upon him) commissioners in Baghdad, under his instructions, delivered to Naryis a letter written by the Imam in Greek tongue, then they bought it from the slaves" salespeople and they transferred her to Samarra and they took her front of the Imam Al Hadi (Peace be upon him). The Imam reminded all that she had seen in dreams to Naryis and he gave her the good news that she would be the Imam"s wife and the little boy‘s mother that would dominate the world, and would establish in this justice and equity. Then the Imam Al  Hadi ( Peace be upon him ) ordered to his sister Hakima – that was one of the honorable ladies of the house of the Imamatel – in order to teach her the Islamic habits and precepts of the religion to Naryis. Time after the Imam Hasan Al Askari (Peace be upon him) married with Naryis.


Hakimah every time that she found in front of the Imam Al- "Askari (Peace be upon him) was begging to God to give a son for his nephew.

 She narrates:

"In an occasion that as always I had been going to visit to the Imam Al- Askari (Peace be upon him) I repeated that plea. The generous told me: The son that you beg God to give me of, he will come into the world tonight".

Naryis approached me to help to take off my footwear and she said: “My Lady! Give me your slippers ".

I told her: Thou you are Our Lady, I swear for God that I will not permit that you help me to discalced, and I will not permit that you serve me! I will serve you with great pleasure”.

imam mahdi

The Imam Al- Askari (Peace be upon him) listened to our words and said: “Aunt, God will grant you with a great reward!”

I stayed with her until the evening; I called one of the housemaids and I told her to bring my clothes because I wanted to leave, the Imam said:

Aunt, stay tonight with us, since tonight the little boy that is valuable before God, that through him God will bring back to life the earth after dead will be born.

I told him: "My Lord, who will give birth?  I fail to see signs of pregnancy in Naryis!

He said: Of Naryis, no of nobody else.

I got up and I thought over to Naryis. There wasn’t in her any sign of pregnancy. I returned to where the Imam was found and I informed him of what I had done. The Imam smiled and said:


" early morning the fact that she is pregnant will evidence itself for you, since to her, to the equal than to Moisés"s mother, the fact that she is waiting does not notice to her, and until was not born the little boy nobody knew about this. Back then the Pharaoh was in search of Moisés ( Peace be upon him ) and to avoid the fact that this infant be born opened up the pregnant women"s bellies  and ( this little boy that will be born tonight ) he is like Moisés ( Peace be upon him ) ( will destroy the Pharaohs" Government) and they are in his search ".


Hakimah narrates: “I looked after Naryis until dawn"s first rays, she tranquil slept before me, and she did not do any motions until late at night and she got up close to the dawn precipitated and fearful. I embrace her and pronounced the name God.

The Imam – from the contiguous room – said: Recite the Sura Al- Qadr (97). And I recited it, and then I asked to Naryis how she felt, she said:" What my Lord notified you have been evidenced."

I continued reciting the sura such and like the Imam had ordered, at that point the creature repeated from inside his mother"s belly the same as I recited, then he greeted me. I found myself very amazed. The Imam said:


“Do not be astonished at what Almighty God ordered for!, God to us the "imams" grants us with His Wisdom the faculty of speech since early childhood and when we grow He lay us like His sample on the Earth ".


Yet the Imam didn"t stop talking when Naryis disappeared of my sight, as if there were placed a curtain between we two, which avoided seeing her. I shout and I ran toward where the Imam (Peace be upon him) was, and he told me:

“Aunt, return, you will find her in her place!

imam mahdi


I returned and did not pass a long time when the curtain between we two disappeared and I could see Naryis wrapped up by a so luminous light that made impossible to see her, also I saw the little newborn boy that was finding himself in position of prostration and stuck and raising his forefinger he was saying:


اَشْهَدُ أَنْ لا اِلهَ اِلَّا اللهُ وَحْدَهُ لا شَريكَ لَهُ وَ أَنَّ جَدّي مُحَمَّداً رَسُولُ اللهِ صَلَّي اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَ آلِه وَ أَنَّ أبى "اَميرُالْمُؤْمِنينَ"


"I bear witness that there is no divinity more than God, that he is unique and doesn"t have any associate, and that my ascendancy is Muhammad the Envoy of God, God"s blessings be for him and for his family, and I bear witness to that my predecessor is the Faithful Prince.

Then he bore witness for each one of the Imams until he get to himself and he said:

"My God, make the promise come true, and make that my mission draws to the end, and make that my steps be firm, and by means of me make the Earth fill up of justice and equity!"


“My God bless him and his Immaculate ancestors, Speed Up his appearing, Provide his exit and Give him whatever he needs for his surging.

For Your Charity ?Oh, Clement and Merciful!"

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