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Imam Mehdi’s (AS.) Miracles

hazrat mahdi

Although there are a plenty number of the miracles of Imam-e-Zaman but we point out two of them as under:


1)Shiekh Tusi has narrated it from a man named Rashiq, who was the agent of Abbesade caliph "Motazid." One day Motazid summoned me and said, "I have learnt that there is a son in the house of Imam Hassan Askari (A.S.)". He escorted me with two of his agents saying, "Go to Samara as soon as possible and get into the house of Imam Askari (A.S.) if you find a young man kill him and bring his head for me. We swiftly proceeded till we reached Imam’s (A.S.) door. We saw a slave sitting at the door. We paid no heed to him and entered the house.

We saw a much beautiful house and a room in a corner attracted our attention. We drew the curtain up, saw a big room full of water and there was a carpet spread over it and a youth was busy offering prayers.

One of the agents entered the room and at once sunk into the water. We saved him with a great deal of trouble. He lost his senses.

The other one entered the room he too got sunk into the water. We dragged him out. He too lost his senses. After an hour both of them regain their lost senses. While we were trembling with fear, we rode off upon our homes and moved towards the residence of the caliph.

We approached him at the mid of night. He was waking and waiting for us. We explained the matter to him. He too trembled with fear as we had and said, "Nobody should know about this matter. Keep this secret to you and don’t tell it to anyone. If I come to know that you have mentioned it to someone I will kill you". So till such time "Motazid" was living we did not pluck the courage to say a word about it.

hazrat mahdi

2) Ali bin Sinan narrates, a group of people of Qum proceeded towards Samarah, along with some money, to visit Imam Askari (A.S.). When they reached there they discovered that Imam (A.S.) had passed away. They remained uncertain and wandering around for a while to find out what to do, till such time they were introduced to "Jaffar" the brother of Imam Askari (A.S). When they described the aim and object of that journey. He said to them, "Hand me over the money as I am his successor. But they said, "Imam (A.S.) must tell us how much money we have along with us and that whose property is each of the sacks?"

This thing had occurred before as well, therefore, "Jaffar" got flared up and said, "You are telling a lie that my brother used to inform about these things. Because this is prescience and omniscience and oracle, and divination belongs to God only and none else".

But they insisted and asserted so that Jaffar made a complaint against them to the caliph. He summoned them and ordered them to surrender the wealth to Jaffar. They pledged that, "This is not our money and all are deposits of the people and we have no way except handing them over to somebody who may be the successor of Imam (A.S.) and if otherwise, then return them to their owners".

The caliph accepted their word and let them go free. When they decided to leave the city a young man came to them and said, "Imam has summoned you all."

All of them were happy and followed him to the house of Imam Askari (A.S.). There they found a young man, the effects and signs of Imamate were apparent upon whose face. They repeated the same words, which they had told Jaffar.

Imam smiled and said, "Sit down, so that I inform you about each one of these (sacks)". Thereafter, he took the name of the owner of each of the sacks one by one, the amount and their quantities and numbers.

We were pleased and overjoyed for the fact that we had discovered our lost object. We took out the sacks and handed those over to Imam (AS.) and enquired and put questions to him about our problems. He replied all of them. Then he ordered that from that time onwards we must not bring the money over there and instead; contact the representative, which he had appointed in Baghdad. Whenever we have questions to be asked we must send those to him and he will send the answers to us.

All of us said good-bye to him and came out. We thanked God upon that blessing and benediction.

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