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Up on the shoulders of the  Messenger of God…

imam ali

One night, when the Prophet [pbuh] was at home with his wife Khadijah, he asked Imam Ali (as) to go to their house. Without any hesitation Imam obeyed his command and went there; it seemed that the Messenger of God was ready to go outside in the darkness of the night; but he didn’t say anything about his plans and he just said:” Ali! Be ready and do follow me, wherever I go.”

So the Prophet went out and Imam Ali (as) followed him; they walked through the streets of Mecca, until they arrived in front of the Holy Kaba

On that time of the night, everybody was asleep; the Prophet said slowly to Imam Ali (as):” Ali! Go up on my shoulders.” Then, the venerable Prophet crouched down and Imam Ali (as) went up on his holy shoulders; so Imam Ali (as) reached the roof of Kaba, and threw and broke all the effigies and idols which had stood there for so long… Then they returned home; on the way back home, the Prophet said:

”Ali! The first person who broke the idols was your forefather Abraham [pbuh] and the last person who broke them was you.”

The next morning, when Meccans went to pray before their idols, they saw that their idols were broken and shattered to pieces and all the pieces were scattered here and there… All of them were angry and believed that no one could have done such things except for Mohammad Mustafa [pbuh] and his cousin Ali Ibn Abi Talib. After that day, no one saw any idols on the roof of Kaba…

imam ali

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