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Bagh-e Eram palace gardens, Shiraz, Iran

bagh-e eram

Shiraz has had a world fame for its gardens. Eram (Bagh-e Eram) is of the highest importance. Its Sassing architecture and mirror-encrusted stalactite are unique. The impressive cypress trees, one of which dates back to 300 years ago, create an eye-catching scene. This was once a private palace built during the Qajar Dynasty, and has changed owners several times. In 1953, the Iranian government donated the mansion to the faculty of Law at the Pahlavi University of Iran. Today it's a museum and is also known for its beautiful botanical gardens. The city of Shiraz is known as the city of rose gardens, nightingales and poets. Two of Iran's greatest ancient national poets, Hafez of Shiraz and Saadi, lay buried here.

Saadi requested that the following verse be inscripted on his tomb: "From the tomb of Saadi, son of Shiraz - The perfume of love escapes - Thou shalt smell it still one thousand years after his death."

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