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  • 6/25/2008

Thumb sucking causes dental defects


Dentists have cautioned against childhood thumb sucking, as it may cause serious problems for dental development in the long run.

According to Gholam Hossein Ramezani, a member of the Iranian Dental association, thumb sucking can cause malocclusion, changes in the shape of the mouth and the position of the teeth and lips, leading to abnormal swallowing patterns.

He added that this habit can cause the upper teeth to protrude and the lower teeth to retrude, causing the child to breath through his/her mouth which is in turn responsible for facial changes, dryness of the oral cavity and a reduced chance of having aligned teeth


Ramezani said that while sucking is a healthy, normal and natural habit for infants, it should be the cause for serious concern in children older than two years.


He concluded that the complications secondary to this habit should be treated at the age of five when the child is aware of the negative impacts of his/her habit.





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