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Achaemenian Forts found in Egypt

archimedean forts found in egypt
Darius the Great was the greatest royal architect of his era
Egyptian archaeologists have found two Achaemenian forts one of which belongs to the 18th and 19th dynasty of pharaohs.

The general secretary of the High Egyptian Antiquities Committee, Zahi Havas, believes that the forts belong to a period of Achaemenian presence in Egypt.


The forts are situated some 30 km (20 miles) east of the Suez canal but the exact details of the their architectural features have not yet been reported.


It was Cambyses, the son of Cyrus the Great, who ventured into Egypt and conquered Psammetichus III, the last Pharaoh of the Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt, who had ruled no longer than six months before he was defeated.


Naturally the Achaemenian rule in Egypt meant that the architecture of both cultures had an effect on each other, as Egypt"s newest findings will prove.


Darius the Great was the second ruler of the Twenty-seventh dynasty. He was the greatest royal architect of his era, and during his reign Persian architecture assumed a style that remained unchanged until the end of the empire.


Darius followed the example of Cyrus in respecting native religious institutions. He empowered the Egyptians to reestablish the medical school of the temple of Sais, and authorized the Jews to rebuild the Temple at al-Quds, in accordance with the earlier decree of Cyrus.


Achaemenian dynasty

(559–330 BC) Early Persian dynasty.It derives its name from Achaemenes, who is thought to have lived in the early 7th century BC. From his son Teispes were descended two lines of kings.

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