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Woman in the Mirror of History

hazrat zahra(s.a)

From the study of history we find the fact that in the previous age woman was considered to be a part of wealth and property. She used to be sold and purchased like any property or animal. Illiterate Arabs of the pre-Islamic era considered woman the cause of bad luck and misfortune and buried the innocent girls alive. But Islam declared this consideration and notion wrong and unjustified. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) fought strongly against such wrong conceptions. He considered woman as a human being like the man and that she too has the human, freedom and social rights. No body has the right to insult and look down upon her.

Regretfully, the Western countries and capitalists even today imagine her to be the medium of enjoyment and time passing. On the other hand, woman in a few Islamic countries have been restrictively chained up which is also against the law of Islam, such as, they do not allow her to go to schools or visit the libraries and they do not have any ties and relations with the society, with the exception of their attending the mourning ceremonies of Imam Hussain (A.S.).

hazrat zahra(s.a)

Consequently, such absurdities and superstitions came into existence pushing woman into the cave of ignorance and darkness. This is the very reason why, when the imperialism raised the slogan of woman freedom, she could not conceive and understand what kind of voice it was? From where it is originated? What was the meaning of this slogan?

Therefore, immodesty and impudence was thought to be the evolution of culture. When she saw that her previous problems were solved she forgot everything and, so to say, became free. But instead of getting free from the superstitions she got free from modesty and piety. She moved ahead in this very immodesty and deviation to the extent to become a commercial item, and became the tool of the imperialism, which may be used in any way as per its choice. She was a stooge and an agent without eyes, ears or any will and intention. This is the condition of today's women.

But, Islam by the training provided by ladies such as Khatija (S.A.), Fatima (S.A.) Zainab (S.A.) highlighted the greatness of woman, explaining and illustrating the meaning of woman's life and turned it into an example and specimen for the future races.

We are going to present the brief life history of one of the ladies Hazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A.), daughter of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.), Wife of Imam Ali (A.S.), mother of Imam Hassan (A.S.) and Imam Hussain (A.S.), the chiefs of the youth of Paradise, and Zainab-e-Kubra (S.A.) so that, it is understood and evident that how should an exemplary woman be."

hazrat zahra(s.a)

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