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The Rich Man’s Dream


Once upon a time, there lived a very rich man, whose only passion was to gather all the riches of the world. He did not give a thought to the welfare of the poor. Charity was unknown to him. He had a poor fisherman for his neighbor. He despised him for being poor.

One night, he was awakened by an alarming dream. Someone was telling him that all the riches would be snatched away from him and would be given to the poor fisherman.

The rich man lay awake thinking all through the night. He thought that dreams were after all dreams and they should not be taken seriously. It so happened that the next day he was troubled by the same dream and it continued to haunt him by the night and the day. He thought that there must be some element of truth to it. So, he decided to sell all his riches, and his huge house; and with the money, he purchased a large diamond worth a king’s fortune. He took the diamond to a tailor and had it securely sewn into his turban in such a way that it would tightly fit on his head. This way, he thought, he would reduce its chances of falling from his head accidentally.

“Now,” he said to himself, “my poor neighbor can never even get a scent of my wealth”.

Sometime later, when he was sailing to a distant land on a ship to trade on foreign shores, a strong gale of wind blew away his turban from his head while he stood on the deck. Within no time it disappeared into the sea.

In the sea, this strange object was noticed by a shark. Imagining it to be food, it swallowed the entire turban.

In the meantime, the rich man had become terribly upset at his loss. At last, he came to terms with reality, and consoled himself; “At any rate,” he thought, “if I have lost the diamond, my poor neighbor would never come to hear of it or possess it for it was now lying somewhere in the bottom of the sea.”

But, a few days later, the fisherman was fishing in the sea and he managed to catch a huge shark. He dragged it to his coastal home and upon cutting open its belly found the turban. Upon examining the turban closely, he found something hard sewn into it. He cut the cloth and found the priceless diamond, which had been swallowed by the fish, along with the turban.

He sold the diamond for a huge sum, and purchased the rich man’s house with all his belongings and other property.

Years later, when the rich man made his way to his home, he found that his house had now become the property of the fisherman, and on inquiring he found that the fisherman had suddenly come to riches because of a fabulous diamond, which he had found in the belly of a fish!

Moral of the Story: No water can wash away the destiny written by Allah on a man’s forehead.

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