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 Obama: No promise of Ahmadinejad talks


Barack Obama
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama
Democrat Barack Obama says he is willing to engage Tehran but the time of a meeting with Iran's president depends on who wields power.

In a Monday campaign event in New Mexico, the Democratic frontrunner said Iran's presidential elections in 2009 would be a factor in considering the timing of any meetings.


"There is no reason why we would necessarily meet with Ahmadinejad before we know that he was actually in power," said Obama.

The Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been targeted by western politicians and media for condemning Israeli regime's atrocities during 60 years of occupation of the Palestinian lands.


"I think they are pursuing weapons. But that would be a topic of discussion and I would present evidence that would indicate to them there are other means of developing civilian nuclear capacity," added the 46-year-old Illinois senator.


Obama's aides claim there would be extensive staff-level preparations before the Democrats directly engage with presidents of Iran, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela - countries which the White House considers foes.


This is while Obama, who is vying to face presumptive Republican nominee Senator John McCain in November election, had previously vowed there would be no 'preconditions' for potential presidential meetings with Iran.

Earlier this month, the 71-year-old McCain charged Obama with having the intentions of becoming friends with the Iranian government.

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Source: www.presstv.ir

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