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  • 5/19/2008

Obama hits Bush, McCain on diplomacy


US President George W. Bush and Republican presumptive nominee John McCain do not understand foreign policy, Senator Barack Obama says.

In a Saturday speech at a town hall in Oregon's Roseburg, the Democratic frontrunner once again slammed Bush for attempting to draw parallels between negotiating with US enemies and appeasing the Nazis in World War II.


"The fact that they are trying to make this into an issue indicates they don't understand how foreign policy works," said Obama.


"If George Bush and John McCain have a problem with direct diplomacy, led by the president of the United States, then they can explain why they have a problem with John F. Kennedy, because that's what he did with Khrushchev. Or Ronald Reagan, because that's what he did with Gorbachev. Or Richard Nixon; because that is what they did with Mao."


Obama went on to say that keeping the prospects of engaging in dialogue with US enemies - such as Iran - is exactly 'the kind of diplomacy we need to keep us safe'.

"[But] if you agree that we've had a great foreign policy over the last four, eight years, then you should vote for John McCain, you shouldn't vote for me," the 46-year-old candidate added.


Pundits believe the Democrats' furor over President Bush's Knesset remarks is being orchestrated by party's key strategists in a bid to link Senator McCain's foreign policy to that of the Bush administration and its historically low approval rating.

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