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US: Iran proposals not to settle woes

Sean McCormack

US State Department Spokesman McCormack says Washington expects little from Iran's proposals on global woes including the nuclear issue.

"Given the track record, if they continue on the trend and pathway that they've been on, I don't think anybody's going to hold their breath," Sean McCormack told reporters.

"But one, again, would hope that they decide to change course in the face of mounting costs to Iran for its behavior that is clearly outside the lines of acceptable behavior in the international system, as defined by three UN Security Council resolutions," he added and stressed that Iran must in any case succumb to the council's resolutions and halt its uranium enrichment activities.

"And in terms of the Iranian proposal, they know what the requirements are. It's been clearly stated in statements and resolutions of the Security Council and IAEA's Board of Governors," the spokesman said, adding, "Iran knows what the bar is. Thus far it has not even come close to getting over the bar. But we shall see."

The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly announced that its peaceful nuclear program is under surveillance of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and is solely aimed at generating electricity to meet the demands of its rising population.


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