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  • 5/12/2008

Iran urges fight against Zionist crimes

Mohammad-Ali Hosseini


Iran’s FM Spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini:

Iran has called on the international community and Islamic countries in particular to fight against the crimes of the Zionist regime.


‘It is time the world started paying attention to the real demands of the Palestinian people. It is necessary for the international community and Islamic states to put on their agenda confrontation with the criminal acts of the Zionist regime and support for the Palestinians with the aim of restoring their rights and establishing justice,’ the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini told domestic and foreign reporters at his weekly press conference Sunday.

‘The Islamic Republic of Iran regards the racist, aggressive and illegal nature of the Zionist regime as the root cause of all crises in the region,’ he added.

Hosseini invited the international community and responsible international bodies to pay attention to the disastrous human situation in the occupied Palestinian lands and work toward relieving the suffering of the oppressed Palestinian people.


The Zionist regime celebrates the 60th anniversary of its illegal establishment under circumstances wherein the rightful inhabitants of the historical land of Palestine are being subjected to great suffering and pain, he said, adding the regime has a black record of brutal acts in Palestine.


‘The daily massacre of the Palestinian people, including women and children; killing on purpose of the Palestinian fighters; destruction of homes, farms, and economic infrastructure; systematic violation of principles, regulations and internationally recognized criteria; destroying of historic and religious Islamic sites; development of a formidable nuclear arsenal; and the wanton use of weapons against regional and international peace and security are clear examples of state terrorism and crimes against humanity, which constitute the track record of the Zionist regime in the occupied Palestine,’ the spokesman said.

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