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The Victory of Truth

victory of truth

The Life of Zaynab bint 'Ali

Researched and Edited by  :M. H. Bilgrami

Published by:  Zahra Publications Pakistan (1986)

ISBN 0-88059-151-X Pakistan




This is the story of the victory of truth. It is the story of a remarkable and blessed woman whose own fate was inextricably bound with the historical events of Karbala that have impressed upon mankind the true reality of living Islam.

It was her destiny to proclaim to the world the sacrifices made by Imam Husayn and other family members of the Holy Prophet for the cause of truth. Had it not been for her the heavy toll of Karbala might have faded into oblivion.

The spirit of Zaynab bint Ali will live forever. Her courage, forbearance, and total submission to the decree of her Creator will continue to inspire all those who hear her story for all time to come....


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