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Old Mosques, Kerman

chehel  sotune Mosque

Chehel Sotune Mosque, Kerman 


 This mosque belongs to the Sheikhiyeh sect, and was completed in the year 1286 AH, by Haj Aqa Ali Rafsanjani. The same has 40 pillars each sculptured from one piece of stone. Its surrounding areas also add to the beauty of the said mosque.


Ganj Ali Khan Mosque, Kerman 


 This structure is in the north eastern corner of the Ganj Ali Khan aggregate of Kerman. Actually it is like a small museum, exhibiting decorative Islamic arts such as tile and plaster works as well as calligraphy. This mosque was built in the year 1007 AH. and entails 14 shops. The above mentioned aggregate is an endowment of this mosque

Ganj Ali khan mosque

Kerman Jame' Mosque, Kerman 


 This mosque is a part of the Mozaffari aggregate and was completed in 750 AH, by Amir Mobarezeddin Mohammad-e-Mozaffari-e-Meybodi Yazdi . The mosque is one of the most ancient structures of the country, and a remnant of the Iranian monarchs after the Al-e-Booyeh dynasty. The mosque has a tall gate-way in its eastern sector, and the same has been adorned with beautiful tile work. A clock tower aids in the enhancement of this entrance. The structure has been constructed in a symmetrical fashion and has a winter and summer porch.

Ganj Ali khan mosque

Malek (Imam Khomeini) Mosque, Kerman 


 This mosque is a construction of the 5th century AH. (the Saljuqi period). Various portions of this mosque, specially the main platform was constructed in the times of Vakil-ol-Molk (1285 AH.), and the eastern porch was repaired in the last century by the late Deylamqani which is a remnant of the Saljuqi period. There is the brick tower in the north eastern section, which was formerly in a state of ruin, but has since then, been repaired. Besides which there are three altars worked in plaster.


Other Old Mosques, Kerman 

 Other old mosques of the province are named as the Vakil-ol-Molk Mosque, Paminar Mosque and Imam Zaman Mosque in Kerman.

kerman jame mosque

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