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National Persian Gulf Day

Persian Gulf

According to the very old sources from many years Before Christine, "Persian Gulf" is a remained name and has been connected to Iranian land.

At the time which human history has been written, and geography became a science for measuring surfaces, inquiry and studying on ancient periods, the name of "Persian Gulf" was one the 4 known seas. In old Greek’s belief the source of these 4 seas was from a unique huge ocean which equivalent extent all waters of the world.

Before any epigraphs from Iranian governors that delivered speeches about "Persian Sea", most histories even non-Iranian ones were named this water area as "Persia".

On Pythagoras itinerary from 570 B.C. we can see "Persian Gulf" or other similar names in other languages at all written documents.

"Persian Gulf", "Sinus Persicus" or etc., are different names for this blue area. It is clear that since human began civilized, this name invested to this zone. So, there is no other word to explanatory this place.

The United Nations on many occasions has requested that only Persian Gulf be used as the standard geographical designation for that body of water. Most recently, the UN Secretariat has issued two editorial directives in 1994 and 1999 affirming the position of this organization on this matter.

After the Islamic Revolution, followed by breaking relations between USA and Iran, and commencement of the imposed war of Iraq against Iran, there have been some efforts to apply incorrect words instead of the Name Persian Gulf.

In the end, it is worth mentioning that the name of Persian Gulf has been admitted in all the live languages of the world so far and all the countries throughout the world, name this Iranian Sea, just in the language of the people: PERSIAN GULF.


Persian Gulf

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