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Saffron said to ease depression


Saffron is popularly known as red gold. According to the latest studies by Iranian researchers, Saffron spice might help to prevent mild depression and the premenstrual syndrome.

Saffron, also known as red gold, is the world's most expensive spice and is used mainly in aromatic cooking. It has also been used to help with stomach pain, digestive problems and even depression.

Dr. Agha-Hosseini and colleagues at Tehran University of Medical Sciences tested 50 women with saffron capsules and placebos to examine the effect of the spice.

An article published in an International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology showed that three-quarters of the women taking the saffron pills reported a 50 percent reduction in their PMS-related depression symptoms. Only 8 percent of women in the placebo group showed improvement.

These findings, according to the researchers, support the idea that saffron may affect serotonin activity, which is known to be a major factor in depression. 


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