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Fear of God


The Prophet’s (Pbuh) whole life was shaped by thoughts of the hereafter. He loved his children, but not in any worldly way. Ali’ ibn Talib, Fatima’s husband, once told Ibn Wahid a story about the Prophet’s most beloved daughter. Fatima’s hands, he said, were blistered from constant grinding; her neck had become sore from carrying water; her clothes would become dirty from sweeping the floor. When the Prophet had received an influx of servants from some place, Ali suggested to his wife that she approach her father and ask for a servant. She went, but could not speak to the Prophet because of the people who were surrounding him. Next day, he came to their house, and asked Fatimah as to why she wanted to see him. Ali told the whole story to the Prophet, and said that she went to him on his advice. “Fear God, Fatimah,” the Prophet said, “Fulfill your obligations to the Lord, and continue with your housework.

And when you go to bed at night, praise God (subhanallah) 33 times, and Glorify Him (Alhamdulillah) the same number of times, exalt His name (Allahhu Akbar) 34 times, and that will make a full 100.

This would be much better than having a servant.’ “If that is the will of God and His Prophet,” Fatimah replied “then so be it.” This was the Prophet’s only reply. He did not provide her a servant.

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