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Old Mosques, Hormozgan


Barkh Mosque, Qeshm 

 The original construction of this mosque can be related to the early Islamic period, coinciding with the times of the conquests of the ports and islands of Iran by Amr-ebne-Aas. This relic was built under his command in the Koosheh Village of Qeshm. The mosque was repaired once in the year 244 AH. In the year 737 AH. it underwent renovations under the orders of Soltan Fathollah, a descendant of Soltan Mahmud who was possibly one of the monarchs of Hormoz or Larestan.

Dejkan Mosque, Bandar Khamir 

 This mosque is located near Bandar Khamir, in the village of Dejkan. Its pillars and nocturnal area are of sculptured and carved stone. Whereas the ceilings, entrances and the adornments of the porches are all worked with sculptured limestone. The porches are worked in a jagged pattern and the effect of Indian architecture can be noted here.



Malek-ebne Abbas (Ali) Mosques and Tower, Bandar Lengeh 

 This ancient mosque is located near the sea and in the western sector of the city of Bandar Lengeh. The same was constructed by Haj Mohammad-ebne-Abbas in the year 1280 AH. The minaret of the mosque reaches a height of 22 m. and is 3.5 m. in girth. The architectural effect at the top of the minaret is a combination of Indian and Iranian design. Internally the mode of architecture strongly resembles that of the

Indian temples.


Qeshm Jame' Mosque, Qeshm 

 The said mosque was constructed in the year 1202 AH., and is a memorial of 'Sooqiyeh' the spouse of the ruler of the times in Qeshm. The mosque has a rectangular shaped nocturnal area, with 16 columns in two rows.


Other Old Mosques, Hormozgan 

Other mosques of the province are, the Menbar Kohneh Mosque, Bandar Abbas Jame' Mosque, Naseri and Sahrabaqi Mosques


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