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  • 2/6/2008

Video Clips on Jannat-ul-Baqi

Our trip to Jannat-ul-Baqi was one of the very spiritual one. The saddest thing which I noted in Baqi were the graves of 2rd Imam Hasan (A.S) , 4th Imam Zain-ul-Abideen, 5th Imam Baqir(A.S) and 6th Imam Sadiq (A.S), the Suadi government has done really no improvement of these grave. They have to realase that these are prophets families. Our beloved Imams are treated stranger in thier own homeland. They also don"t let ladies enter the graveyard, according to Saudi government ladies entrying graveyard has been prohibited by Hazart Mohammad(P.B.U.H). Insha-Allah we wait for one day for things to be better.
Click on the following link to download the video on Baqi which I took this year when I went for Hajj. I hope you will enjoy it!!!! 
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