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  • 2/2/2008

Everlasting words by Imam Hossein(A.S)

Imam Hossein saying

“O God, what did he find who lost you, and what did he lose who found


“Some people worship God to gain His gifts; this is the worship of the merchants. Some worship Him to avoid His punishment; this is the worship of the slaves. Some worship Him solely to show gratitude towards Him; this

is the worship of the free!”

“Death with dignity is better than life with humiliation.”
“God forbid that I should set my hand to the resignation of my right after a slavish manner. I have recourse to God from every tyrant that doth not believe in the day of account.”
“O son, beware of wronging one who does not have a supporter other than Allah.”
 “Favors should be like the heavy rain that covers the pious as well as the sinful.”
On his way to Karbala:

“This world has changed and its good has turned tail. Nothing has remained from it except a thing that is as scanty as the leftover of a cup and a mean life that is like a noxious grazing. Have you not noticed that the right is ignored and the evil is not forbidden…People are certainly the slaves of this world; religion is but a slaver on their tongues. They turn it wherever their livelihood demands. If they are examined by misfortunes, the truly religious ones will be but a few.”

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