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Hajj in the words and messages

of Imam Khomeini


By: Imam Khomeini (The Institute for compilation and Publication  of the Works of Imam Khomeini, International Affairs Department Post office box no. 19575/614, Tehran, Iran)

A Summery of preface:

Now that we are at the threshold of performing our auspicious religious precept of Hajj, it is necessary to consider its Gnostic, spiritual, social, political and cultural aspects. Many dedicated friends have already discussed the merits of the various aspects of Hajj and now I wish to make a brief and quick mention of some of its aspects hoping to serve as a reminder.

Since there are delicate Gnostic and spiritual hints in these wonderful rituals, from the beginning of putting on a pilgrim’s garb “EHRAM” through “TALBIYA” or “LABBEYK” (Lit, Here I am at Thy service), to the end, the details of which may not be explained in this discourse, I would only mention some indications of “TALBIYA”....


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