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Imam Sajjad's Speech in Kufa

imam sajjad(as)

When the carvan of the prisoners reached Kufa and all the people were keenly trying to see the prisoners. Imam (A.S.) noticed that Kufis did not recognize them otherwise they were not that indifferent. Therefore, Imam by his hand gave the people the signal to keep quiet. All of them adopted silence and lent ears to him. Suddenly the memorial of Hussain (Imam) opened his lips and said, "Oh the people of Kufa! I am the son of Hussain (A.S.), I am Ali the son of Ali (A.S.), Fatimah (S.A.) and Prophet (P.B.U.H.). I am the son of that Imam (A.S.) whose sons were killed and his properties looted and plundered and his family held prisoners before you. You wrote invitation letters to my father. When he came towards you, you killed him. What will you reply to God and his Prophet (P.B.U.H.) on the justice day. You did not observe the honor and sanctity of your Prophet (P.B.U.H.) annoyed his soul. Woe to you, what a bad people you are."

Imam (A.S.) arose and alerted the sleeping consciences by these statements and addresses broke and tore the hearts and rolled the tears out of the eyes and changed the celebrations and joys of Bani Ommayide into a sorrow and grief.

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