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Historical places of Kashan

The Amwris' House

The Ameris' House

This house was built in Alavi Street during the Zand dynasty and was developed in Qajar dynasty by Saham-ul Saltaneh Ameri. It is an exquisite complex.
Siak Hill

Sialk Hills

Sialk Hills (also known as Siaalk, Si Arg, and Sepid Arg) is well known as the first place for dwelling and civilization in the world. It is situated in the western south of Kashan and on the right side of the road to Fin. These hills are made of two northern and southern hills, 600 meters apart from each other. Sialk has two cemeteries which are respectively 3500 and 3000 years old. The first one is located 200 meters from the south of the hills and the second one is placed under gardens and farming lands in the western side of the hill.

In 1933, some beautiful potteries were excavated from this hill and were exhibited in national museum of France. A French delegation led by Professor Roman Ghirshman, was put in charge of excavation projects in Sialk and he carried out this task. As a result, one of the most important historical monuments of the world was found and the information about it became accessible for tourists all around the world.

agha Bozorg Mosque and School

Agha Bozorg Mosque and School

Agha Bozorg Mosque (with a huge dome and two minarets) is considered as one of the most beautiful and magnificent Islamic monuments of Kashan and was constructed for prayers, preaching and teaching sessions held by Molla Mahdi Naraghi known as Agha Bozorgh. This School was built in 1248 (A. H. Lunar).


Magnificent complex of bazaar is one of the important historical sites in the ancient city of Kashan. This complex is made of some small bazaars, halls, mosques, mausoleums, etc. Its decoration and historical architecture has doubled the value and importance of this monument and made the domestic and foreign tourists astonished. According to the present documents, it is thought that bazaar was built in the Seljuk era and renovated during the Safavid era. The Seljuk era was the time of development for Kashan. There are many historical and interesting places in the comple> of bazaar and they have given it an additional value and importance such as: Timche Amin-ul doleh, Meydan or Mir Emad Mosque, Imam Khomeini Mosque and School, Darb-e Zanjir shrine, Shah Yalan shrine, Panakhl shrine, Timche Malek-ul Tojjar, Timche and watei reservoir of Haj Hossein Sabbah and Gomrok Hall

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