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A'maals for Ghadir-E-Khome

Ghadire khome


According to ahadiths received from Imams (A.S.), some of the a'maal (rituals) recommended for the day of Ghadir are:

Rememeber the Ahlul Bayt by saying of Salawat as many times as it is possible.


(O Allah, send blessings on Muhammad and his household).

Istighfaar (seeking forgiveness from the Almighty). Sins are forgiven and believers get salvation on this day the way it has been promised for the days of Holy Ramadhan and the night of Qadr.

Visiting (ziyarah) the tomb of Imam 'Ali (A.S.) in Najaf, Iraq.

Assist the needy amongst the believers. The reward for assisting today is 1000 times the reward for other days.

Ihsaan for fellow believers (doing good, including favouring by assisting physically, financially and morally) and making them happy (for example by forgiving their past mistakes, overlooking their slips, visiting them, giving gifts etc).

Doing of Ghusl a few minutes before noon (midday) and then reading two rakaat Namaz. In every rak'ah after surah Hamd read 10 times surah Tawheed (#112) and 10 times Ayatul Kursee (verses 255 to 257 of surah Baqarah) and 10 times surah Qadr (#97).

Ghadire khome


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