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Imam Hadi’s (as) Sayings

imam hadi(as)


• Do not expect honesty and purity of intention from someone who has suffered from your malice; do not expect loyalty from one to whom you have been disloyal; do not expect goodwill from someone whom you regard with ill will: his heart towards you is the same as your heart towards him.

• Others will fear him who fears Allah. He who obeys Allah will be obeyed. He who obeys Allah will not care for the dissatisfaction of the creatures. He who enrages the Creator should be sure of encountering the dissatisfaction of the creatures.

• You should present thorough obedience to those who present for you their thorough love and advice.

• Do not feel secure from those who disgraced their personalities.

• He who feels secure from Allah’s unexpected retribution and painful penalty will feel arrogant until Allah’s act and inevitable decree (death) will befall him. He whomever receives evidence from his Lord will belittle the worldly misfortunes even if he is cut into pieces.

• There are definite places in which Allah likes the servants to supplicate to Him. One of these places is the tomb of Al-Hussein (as),Sayyid ush-Shuhada (Master of the Martyrs).

• The one who spends his life in refuge of God, world’s discomforts will become easy for him.

•  The one who carelessly commits sin and throws away the curtain of modesty, God will make him ignanimous, desperate and wretched.

• The one who does not counsel with others in his matters will be harmed.

• World is a bazaar in which one group makes benefit and the other faces loss.

•  Cutting jokes and mockery is the activity and enjoyment and amusement of foolish ones.

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