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The Special Moral Features of Imam Hadi (A.S.)

imam hadi(as)

Imam Hadi  (A.S.) was unique in asceticism, devotion and prayers.

 So that, when the agents and officials of Mutawakkil attacked his house, they saw him busy praying in a simple room. He had a great attachment and affiliation with the holy Quran. Whenever he was free from the works of the people he would recite Quran.

He conducted people with smiling and bloomed face and when he walked he took slow steps.

 He attended and helped the afflicted ones. Sometimes, he would grant up to thirty thousand dinnars to the have nots, needy and problem stricken people. So that when "Mutawakkil" sent thirty thousand dinnars for him he gave all of it to a needy and poor Arab.

The mother of "Mutawakkil" had become enamored and fascinated by the devotion and asceticism and faith of Imam Hadi (A.S.). On the day when Mutawakkil fell ill, his foot was injured and the physicians got unable and helpless regarding his treatment. His mother sent "Fatah bin Khaqan" to Imam’s (A.S.) house to request him for a medicine.

Imam (A.S.) recommended a medicine to him by which Mutawakkil was treated and cured and all the physicians were astonished at it. His mother send a thousand dinnars as a gratitude in connection with his being cure. He distributed all of that money among the afflicted ones.

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