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Old Mosques, Semnan

Old Mosques, Semnan

Aradan Mourning Place (Tekieh), Garmsar 


 This site is close to the mausoleum of Imamzadeh Soltan Shah in Garmsar. This place comprises of a large courtyard, in the center of which is the section to do with the religious mourning rituals. Besides which there are chambers and other rooms. Two porches also stand to the eastern and western sides. The same is a remnant from the Qajar period.


Bastam Jame' Mosque, Semnan 


 The said mosque is located at a distance of 200 m. from the tomb of Bayazid to the south of Bastam. The same comprises of two sections. One is the square courtyard with an altar which is intricately and artistically adorned with a master-piece of plaster works. Sacred phrases, beautifully engraved with plaster can be noted here. The second part differs completely regarding artistic endeavors in comparison with the former altar. The mosque was constructed in the year 706 AH. Two inscriptions display the name of the founder, date of construction, and date of repair which took place during the reign of Fathali Shah Qajar. 



Old Mosques, Semnan

Damqan Jame' Mosque, Damqan 

 The said mosque is located opposite the Haj Fath Ali Beig school in the city of Damqan. This structure has a double row of brick columns, supporting the rounded brick laid ceiling, which has plaster amidst the rows of brick. The altar of the mosque is of chalk, and is located in the central porch to the south of the mosque courtyard. Two areas for nocturnal prayers are also present, on the east and western sides respectively. The former was repaired a few decades back, but the latter was completely demolished and was re-built. The founder of this mosque is Mirza Mohammad Khan Sepah Sallar Damqani.


Hazrat Mojtaba Mosque, Shahrood 

 This mosque is located in the midst of the bazaar of Shahrood. It has been constructed by sun baked bricks and its ceiling is covered with wooden beams. Besides which there are 14 wooden pillars in two rows. The mosque is a relic from Qajar era.

Imam Khomeini Mosque, Semnan 

 The said mosque is located in the city center of Semnan. This mosque has four large entrances on four sides. The doors to the northern, southern and eastern sides have a vestibule (usually octagonal in shape) and corridors. The upper portion of the northern and eastern doors are arched and artistically worked in plaster and tile. The ceilings of the vestibules, on the north , south and eastern sides are constructed of bricks, and are domed shaped with numerous arches and designed with tiles. There are four porches on four sides along with an area for nocturnal prayers. Behind the western porch is an inscription revealing the final date of construction (1342 AH.).

Here there is a marble pulpit besides the altar. On the top of western porch is a small dome adorned with blue tiles. There is also a tiled inscription from he Holy Qoran, all around the western porch worked in white tiles on a blue (tiled) back ground. After he Islamic revolution, this mosque was repaired by the Cultural Heritage Organization. 

Semnan Jame' Mosque, Semnan 

 This mosque was constructed in the 1st century AH. on the site of the ruins of an ancient fire-temple. Evidences can be noted here from the Mongol and Teimoorid periods. Its tall brick made porch on the western side of the courtyard, was constructed under the orders of a minister Khajeh Shamseddin Balijeh Semnani and the dome by Khajeh Abu Saeid; the former during the reign of Soltan Shahrokh Teimoori and the latter in the times of Soltan Sanjar. There is an inscription on the upper portion of the porch, under which are a few huge tablets of stone. Two of which are decrees of the Safavid monarch to the public. 

The area for nocturnal prayers in the southern section has sixteen round pillars in the center and eight and a half columns towards the eastern wall which form the pillars of the ceiling in this vicinity. This portion was constructed during the times of Arqoon Khan, under the supervision of his minister Sheikh Alaoddoleh Semnani. 

The same was repaired during the reign of Fathali Shah Qajar under the orders of Zulfaqar Semnani. To the south east of this area is the Saljuqi minaret, currently rising to the height of 31.20 m. and with a circumference of 5.5 m. On the top of this minaret is an inscription affixed on the intricate brick work, showing the date of construction. The crown of the minaret is octagonal, with arches in brick works, in addition to the blue tiles. The area where the 'Azan' or the call for prayer is read is railed off with a beautiful wooden latticed worked railing. 


Old Mosques, Semnan

Tarikhaneh Mosque, Semnan 

 This mosque can be said to be one of the ancient mosques of the Islamic period, known to preserve and uphold its Sassanide characteristics. The structure is related to the 2nd century AH. and the architecture of the said is an intermingling of the Arab-Islamic and Sassanide modes. It has an inner courtyard which is almost square in shape and considerably large. Surrounding this are porticos with brick laid barrel-shaped ceilings, founded on thick, rounded pillars. One of these porticos being wider than the rest, has an altar behind its wall, with a pulpit alongside. This structure in general has been constructed of sun baked bricks and a minor portion by brick and wood.


Zavqan Jame' Mosque, Semnan 


 It is located to the north Zavqan vicinity of Semnan which dates back to the 2nd century AH. and is a relic from the Alavian period. It is made of brick, lime stone and sun baked bricks. The structure has a tall porch with small rooms on either side in a double storey. On the right side of which are thick, tall brick pillars. The arched ceiling of the porch is decorated with inlaid and intricate brick works. 

Other Old Mosques, Semnan 

 Other ancient mosques and Tekiyeh of Semnan province are as follows - Al Qods Mosque in Shahrak-e-Enqelab, Tekiyeh-ye-Sefid Mosque in Abuzar Qaffari Ave., Saheb-ol-Zaman Mosque in Mehdi Shahr, Tekiyeh-ye-Aazam Koosh Moqan in Hakim Alla'hi Ave., Tekiyeh-ye-Jahadiyeh in the Ayatollah Kashani Ave., Bayazid Bastami Mosque, Imamzadeh Mohammad Mosque in Bastam, Sheikh Ama'uddin Mosque in the village of Qalleh-e-Showkat, Farumad Jame' Mosque in Farumad village of Shahrood, Tekiyeh -ye-Mahal-e-Imam in Damqan, and Tekiyeh-ye-Miami Mosque in Miami.

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