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Historical Caravansaries, Semnan

Historical Caravansaries, Semnan

Abbas Abad Caravansary, Shahrood 


 This Safavid caravansary or inn is located in the village of Abbas Abad, Shahrood. The structure comprises of four porches, 32 chambers or rooms overlooking the courtyard and two large halting areas.

Ahowan Shah Soleimani Caravansary, Semnan 

 The same was constructed in the year 1097 AH. during the reign of Shah Soleiman Safavid. being located in the village of Ahovan which was on the way to Mashad, pilgrims on their way to Mashad used to halt here in olden times. The courtyard of this caravansary is rectangular in shape and is surrounded by 24 rooms.


Historical Caravansaries, Semnan

Damqan City Caravansaries, Damqan 

 In the covered 'bazaar' of Damqan two brick constructed caravansaries are situated. One of these is a new caravansary, rectangular in shape and with chambers surrounding it. The other is the old caravansary having shops or chambers which are currently in use.

Dehnamak Caravansary, Garmsar 


 This structure is located 40 km. east of Garmsar. The same has four porches. The entrance has two lateral side-rooms in two storeys and shaped like a trapezium which lies to the southern side of the structure.


Historical Caravansaries, Semnan

Lasjerd Shah Abbasi Caravansary, Semnan 

 This caravansary is located in the village of Lasjerd of Semnan, and is a structure related to Shah Abbas Safavid I. It has two porches and a large courtyard with 24 rooms or chambers around it. The two porches are situated to the east and west of the structure and these are connected to the corridors. The ceilings of these porches are intricate in design and are arched or barrel - shaped. This structure has four entrances connecting the courtyard to the corridor. These entrances also have arched ceilings. Opposite this 'halting places' were erected. This structure was constructed of a mixture of gypsum and mortar, besides brick and stone, and the same has been brought under repair for several times.


Miandasht Caravansary, Shahrood 

 In the village of Miandasht, Shahrood, three caravansaries connected to each other are present, well known as the Shah Abbasi caravansary. One of these were built during the reign of Shah Abbas I and the remaining two in other periods. They are constructed with brick.

Historical Caravansaries, Semnan

Shah Abbasi Caravansary, Damqan 

 This is a relic from the Safavid era and is located in the Shaheed Fallahi Avenue in Damqan city. This structure has a tall doorway, vast hall and various rooms. There is a porch at the top of the entrance door. The walls of this "Rowbat" or inn is made of brick and rises to a height of 5 m. It is in current use of Police Force.

Other Caravansaries, Semnan 

 These are named as, the Anooshiravan in Ahovan of Semnan, the Nasar caravansary in the public bazaar of Semnan, the Soltan Hossain Baigara Rowbat (beyond the city gate of Nasar) Semnan, the Toomanias caravansary in the Shahid Sediq Ave., Shahrood and the Qoosheh caravansary in the village of Qoosheh in Damqan.

Historical Caravansaries, Semnan

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