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Fajr Music Festival guests named

Fajr Music

 The names of the foreign bands and musicians that will be participating in the international section of the 23rd edition of the Fajr International Music Festival were announced on Saturday.

The 23rd edition of the festival will be held in Tehran from December 21 to 29 at a number of venues including The Vahdat, Rudaki and Avini Halls, the Niavaran and Honar cultural centers and the Iranian Artists Forum, reported Tehran Times.

Executive manager of the festival, Ali Torabi announced that Pejman Memarzadeh and Romano Pallottini from France will be giving duet performances on the first and second days of the event.

Indian musicians participating include Nitin Nath Harsh, Ghafoor Khan Manganiar, Kachra Khan, Habib Khan Langa and Abdul Rashid Langa.

Lale Doga, Sezgin Ozdemir, Elcin Mata, Alti Parmuk and Sezensin Ozdemir are Turkish participants who performing on the fourth and fifth days of the event.

Ferhang Huseyinov, Siavash Mehdiov and Elcin Husseinov are among the musicians from the Azerbaijan Republic.

From the Netherlands, Marcel Beekman, David Evijan and Neil vander Linden are to give a concert on the fifth day of the festival at the Vahdat Hall.

The Croya Folk band from Albania are to perform at the Niavaran Cultural Center.

Lily Afshar, Iranian head of guitar studies at the University of Memphis in Tennessee, is to give solo performances at the Honar and Niavaran cultural centers on December 22 and 23.

Iranian musician Hossein Samieian, as the Austrian representative, is to give a concert on December 27 at the Honar Cultural Center.

Fajr Music

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