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Hazrat Zahra'a Hadith

Hazrat Zahra

1- One morning Ali ibn Abu Taleb said: "Fatimah, do you have anything to feed us?

" She answered: No, by Him who honored father with prophethood, and honored you

with successorship, we have nothing edible this morning, and we haven't had any food

for two days save that which I have preferred to give you and our two children, Hasan

and Husain.

Ali (P) said: "Fatimah! Why didn't you tell me, so I could bring some food for you?

" Fatimah answered: "Abu Al-Hasan, I surely become ashamed before my God to

ask you to do something you can not do.

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.43, Page.59)

2 - If one worships God sincerely, He will provide him with the best things.

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.70, Page.249)


3 - The reward of being good-tempered towards the believers is the Paradise, the reward

of being good-tempered towards the quarrelsome enemies is being safe from the Hell-fire.

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.75, Page.401)


4 - Fatimah (A.S.) told her father once: "O Prophet of God! The Qurayshite women came

to my house and told me that the Prophet had married you to a poor man!" The Prophet

(S.A.) answered her: "By God,I have not been negligent of you! I married you to the first

Muslim and the most knowledgeable and patient man!"

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.43, Page.133)


5 - We, the family of the Prophet (S.A.), are the chosen people of God and the means of

His communication with His creatures. We are the manifest guides towards Him and the

heirs of His Prophets.

(A Description on Nahjal Balaqi by Ibn Aby Hadid, Vol.16, Page.211)


6 - The Almighty has set our obedience the base of uniformity in the Muslim society, and

our leadership is the platform of union and safety in the community.

(Ihtejaj Tabarsi, Iran, Osveh Publisher, Vol.1, Page.258)


7 - The Prophet (S.A.) and Ali (A.S.) are two fathers of the Muslim Ummah (nation). If

people follow them, they will guide them and rectify their mistakes to be safe from the

everlasting Hell-fire. If people are with them and help them, they will grant them the

everlasting blessings of God.

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.23, Page.259)


8 - It has been narrated from Fatimah (A.S.) that the Prophet (S.A.) once said: "An

Imam is like the Kaaba that people should go towards it. People should not wait for

an Imam to look for them."

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.36, Page.353)


9 - Truly, the fortunate is the one who loves Ali (A.S.).

(Majmah ol Zavaayed by Allameh Haythami, Vol.9, Page.132)


10 - The one who sleeps after having food, with his hands still dirty and greasy, can not

blame anybody except oneself for the consequences.

(Kanzol Amal, Vol.15, Page.242)

Hazrat Zahra

11 - But, concerning my ownership of Fadak, indeed when this verse of the Quran: "And

render to the kindred their due rights" was revealed to the Prophet (S.A.), We, my children

and I, were the closest relatives of the Prophet (S.A.). So he gave Fadak to me and my

children as a present.

(Mostadrakol Vassayel, Vol.7, Page.291)


12 - The date is a good present for a faithful.

(Kanzol Amal, Vol.12, Page.339)


13 - Fatimah (A.S.) said: "When the verse 63 of sura Nur was revealed that: "Deem not

the summons of the Messenger among yourselves like the summons of one of you to

another" I feared to call him by "O father!", so I called my father, "O Prophet of God!",

like others. When I called him in this manner two or three times, he looked at me and said:

"O Fatimah, this verse does not concern you and your progeny. Dear Fatimah! You are

from me and I am from you! Verily this verse was revealed to teach the rough and

bad-tempered people of conduct. You call me "Father" for it is the joy of my heart and it

pleases God if you do so.

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.34, Page.33)


14 - One day a blind man asked Fatimah (A.S.) for permission to enter her house. Fatimah

covered herself and let him in then. On seeing this, the Prophet (S.A.) asked her: "Why

did you cover yourself while this man is blind and can not see you?" Fatimah (A.S.) answered

him: "Though he can not see me, I can see him and though he can not see anything, he can

smell a woman."

The Prophet said: "I witness that you are part of me."

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.34, Page.91)


15 - So Allah made belief to be a purification for you from polytheism.

He made: Prayer-An exaltation for you from conceit.

(Ihtejaj Tabarsi, Iran, Osveh Publisher, Vol.1, Page.258)


16 - He made: Alms-A purification for the soul and a (cause of) growth in subsistence.

Fasting-An implantation of devotion.

(Ihtejaj Tabarsi, Iran, Osveh Publisher, Vol.1, Page.258)


17 - He made: Pilgrimage-A construction of religion. Justice-A harmony of the hearts.

(Ihtejaj Tabarsi, Iran, Osveh Publisher, Vol.1, Page.258)


18 - To be patient in difficulties deserves Divine rewards.

(Ihtejaj Tabarsi, Iran, Osveh Publisher, Vol.1, Page.258)


19 - God commanded people to enjoin the good in order to reform their society.

(Ihtejaj Tabarsi, Iran, Osveh Publisher, Vol.1, Page.258)


20 - Kindness to the parents-A safeguard from wrath. Maintaining close relations with one's

kin-A cause for a longer life and multiplying the number of descendants.

(Ihtejaj Tabarsi, Iran, Osveh Publisher, Vol.1, Page.259)


21 - The Exalted One ordained just retaliation to protect the lives and He ordered people to

keep their vows so that they can gain His forgiveness and pardon.

(Ihtejaj Tabarsi, Iran, Osveh Publisher, Vol.1, Page.259)


22 - The Exalted One commanded people to give measure and weight with full justice, in order

to prevent from giving short measure and weight. Forbiddance of drinking wine An exaltation

from atrocity.

(Ihtejaj Tabarsi, Iran, Osveh Publisher, Vol.1, Page.259)

Hazrat Zahra

23 - The Exalted One commanded people to avoid from accusing each other and

from using bad language so that they may be safe from His curse and He forbade rubbery to

lead them to chastity.

(Ihtejaj Tabarsi, Iran, Osveh Publisher, Vol.1, Page.259)


24 - God prohibited polytheism so that people may worship Him sincerely and be true

monotheists, so "Fear Allah, as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam.

" Perform what He has commanded and avoid what He has prohibited for "Those truly fear

Allah, among His servants who have knowledge."

(Ihtejaj Tabarsi, Iran, Osveh Publisher, Vol.1, Page.259)


25 - When Salman asked Faitmah to help a poor man, she answered "O Salman! By God

who chose Muhammad (S.A.) as His Messenger, we have had nothing to eat in the last

three days. My children Hasan and Husain (A.S.) became impatient because of hunger,

until they slept tired and weary. But I will not send away the righteous one who has

knocked at my door.

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.43, Page.72)


26 - O Lord ! O Exalted One ! For the sake of the messengers you chose, for the sake of

Hasan and Husain's tears for my separation from them, I pray You to forgive the sinners

of my Shi'ites and my children's Shi'ites.

(Zakhayerol Oqbaa, Page.53)


27 - Imam Hasan (A.S.) said: "I saw my mother on a Thursday night while she was busy

with prayer, supplications, bowing down and prostration before God until Friday morning.

All through the night she prayed for the faithful by mentioning each one's name and

praying much for him or her, but she didn't pray for herself at all. I asked her at last:

"Mother! Why didn't you pray for yourself as you prayed for others?" She answered:

"My son! First your neighbor, then your family and yourself."

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.43, Page.81)


28 - Concerning the prayer in Friday, Fatimah said that the Prophet (S.A.) once told me:

"'There is a time in Friday in which all prayers for good things will be accepted.' I asked

him: 'What is that time?' He answered: 'It is the time when half the circle of the sun is

hidden in the horizon that is around sunset.'"

(Kanzol Amal, Vol.7, Page.766)


29 - The best of you are those who are more good-tempered towards the people and kind

and generous towards their wives.

(Dalaylol Imamah Tabari, Page.7)


30 - If fasting can not prevent one's tongue, ears, hands and feet from committing wrong,

what is the use of this fast?

(Mostadrakol Vassayel, Vol.7, Page.366)


31 - It is better for women not to see those men who are not their close relatives, and not

to be seen by those men, unless it is necessary.

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.37, Page.69)


32 - O Prophet of God! Salman was surprised with the simplicity of my dress. By God who

chose you as His Messenger, a sheep skin has been the carpet of our house for five years,

on this sheep skin we feed our camel by grass at day, our pillow is a leather bag filled with

date-palm fibers.

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.8, Page.303)


33 - When a woman stays at home and deals with the household works, just at that time

she is closer to God.]

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.43, Page.92)

Hazrat Zahra

34 - People told Fatimah: "O daughter of the Prophet, your hands are injured because

of the household works, do not trouble yourself! Leave some of your works to Fezzah,

your servant!" Fatimah (A.S.) answered: "The Prophet (S.A.) recommended me to

divide the household works between myself and Fezzah, so that we can do the works

on alternate days. Yesterday was her turn and today is mine."

(Al Kharaij val jaraih by Qutbodin Ravandi, Page.530)


35 - At the last moments of her life, after making the ablution, Fatimah (A.S.) told Asma

bint Umays: "O Asma, bring the perfume which I usually use and the dress with which

I perform the prayer, for me. Then sit beside my bed, try to wake me up when it is the

time of prayer. If I wake up, I will perform the prayer, and if not, send someone after Ali."

(Kashfol Ghamah, Beirut, Darol Azvaa, Vol.2, Page.122)


36 - Once Fatimah (A.S.) told a faithful woman who was happy wining a debate about

a religious subject, with an unbeliever woman who was the enemy of the family of the

Prophet (S.A.): "Verily the joy of the angels for your victory over that woman is more

than your joy and the sorrow of Satan and his friends for this victory is more than the

sorrow of that defeated woman."

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.2, Page.8)


37 - When I am resurrected in the Day of Judgement, I will intercede for the sinners

of the Prophet's Ummah.

(Ihqaqol Haaq, Vol.10, Page.367)


38 - If you do what we order you to do and avoid what we caution you against, you are

our Shi'ite, otherwise you are never one of our Shi'ites.

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.68, Page.155)


39 - Our Shi'ites are the best people of the Paradise. All our friends and the friends of

our friends and the enemies of our enemies and those who are with us in their hearts

and by their tongues, but do not follow our orders and do not avoid what we have

cautioned them against, those are not our true Shi'ites. Nevertheless they will go to

Paradise after the redemption of their sins by disasters and difficulties in this world

or by bearing the troubles and punishments of the next world or by staying in the

higher levels of Hell for a short while and being punished, until we intercede for

them because of their friendship with us and take them to our place.

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.68, Page.155)


40 - The Prophet (S.A.) foretold the future bitter events for Fatimah (A.S.) and pointed

out the martyrdom of Husain (A.S.). Fatimah asked: "Father! Who will martyr my son,

the fruit of my life, the light of my eyes, Husain?" The Prophet answered: "The worst

people of my Ummah" Fatimah asked again: "Father! Give my greetings to Gabriel

and ask him where my Husain will be martyred?" "In a place called Karbala" the

Prophet said.

So, Fatimah (A.S.) said: "O father! I am content with the will of God and I trust in Him."

(Nahjol Hayat, Page.208)


41 - O Abul Hasan, I was asleep an hour ago and I saw the Prophet (S.A.) in a dream while

he was in a palace built with white pearls. When he saw me he said: "My daughter! Hurry

to me, I am eager to have you near me!" I answered anxiously: "By God, I am more eager

to see you than you are!" Then he told me: "You will be with us tonight." O Ali! Whatever

the Prophet (S.A.) promises, is true and he always keeps his promises."

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.43, Page.179)


42 - My younger child Husain will be killed in the battlefield. They will martyr him in

Karbala through deceit and cunningness. Woe to his murderers! The punishment of

Hell be prepared for them!

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.35, Page.239)


43 - I love three things of your world: 1. The recitation of the Quran 2. Looking at the

face of the Prophet (S.A.) and 3. Almsgiving in order to please God.

(Nahjol Hayat, Page.271)


44 - O Abul Hasan! Verily the Prophet (S.A.) promised me that I will be the first person

to join him and this will be inextricable. So, my dear Ali, be content with the will of God

and try to be patient.

(Nahjol Hayat, Page.233)


45 - The reciters of the suras al-Hadid, Waqeah and al-Rahman are called the people of

Paradise in heavens and earth.

(Kanzol Amal, Vol.1, Page.582)


46 - There are twelve valuable instructions to be observed while having a meal by all

Muslims. Of these instructions, four are obligatory, four are recommended and four

are the signs of politeness. The obligatory ones are: 1. To be conscious of God's grace

who has given us these blessings 2. To be content with His blessings 3. To say "Bismi

Allah al-Rahman al-Rahim" before having food 4. To be thankful to God. The four

recommended ones are: 1. To make the ablution before having food. 2. To lean on

the left part of the body. 3. To have food while sitting. 4. To have food with three fingers.

And the four which are signs of politeness are: 1. To have food from the nearest dishes

to one. 2. To take small mouthfuls. 3. To chew the food well and make it quite mashed.

4. Not to look at other's faces while having food.

(Avalemol Ulum by Allameh Bahrani, Vol.11, Page.629)

Hazrat Zahra

47 - One day my father, the Prophet (P), looked at Ali (A.S.) and said: "This man and his

 followers will be in Paradise."

(Yanabi ol Mavadah, Page.257)


48 - One day the Prophet (P), told Ali (A.S.): "O Abul Hasan! You and your followers will

be in the promised Paradise."

(Nahjol Hayat, Page.326)


49 - It has been narrated from Fatimah (A.S.) that the Prophet (S.A.) said:

"Fatimah is part of me, that which annoys her annoys me, and harms me that which harms her."

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.28, Page.303)


50 - Be at your mother's service for the Paradise will be beneath the feet of the mothers.

(Nahjol Hayat, Page.312)

51 - My dear Hasan! Be like your father Ali! And set the truth free! Worship the

Benevolent God and do not make friends with the enemies and revengeful people.

(Bahar Al Anvar, Vol.43, Page.286)

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