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Prayer Protects You


While praying, a man puts all his burdens upon Allah only

When Allah created a man (Adam and Eve), He also created Satan, Jinns and Angels, in order to maintain the balance in the world! Allah knew very well that a man, whom he has created, would go astray following Satan’s advice and ruin his life! So, Allah wanted a man should lead his life peacefully, in the world, not going astray listening to Satan’s advice! Allah wanted to follow closely a man to lead a righteous path by remembering Him! And, He in turn, to guard him in all possible ways, day and night, being so close to him!

It is for the man’s benefit, Allah says in the Qur’an, to pray to Him or Worship Him! As long as a man remembers Him, day in and day out, he is away from Satan! Satan will not come near a man while a man is doing prayer! These days, a man wishes to follow the Western culture blindly! Though the Western culture has good points, but it has also brought bad elements!

“Islam” means submission of oneself entirely to the will of Almighty “Allah” and accept the teachings of His book, the Qur’an and follow the traditions of His Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)! The Almighty “Allah” is the Creator, Sustainer and Guardian of all living and non- living (i.e each and every thing on this Universe)! The truth is that when Allah asks a man to serve Him and only Him: it is for the good of man himself! Allah does not want a man to become a slave of Satan or the slave of his passion or desires or other human beings! Since Allah has created a man, He does not want a man to fall a prey of evil forces on earth! It has become a duty of Allah Himself to see that His created man must flourish on earth, un-hindered!

A man is full of sin and likely to go astray because of temptations! Allah being the protector and a friend of man, He leads him out of darkness into light! While meditating, a man puts all his burdens upon Allah only (i.e all his worries and tensions of life) and becomes light hearted and tension free! A man’s worries and heartaches are taken care of by Allah Himself at the end.

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