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A little from Imam"s wise words

holy shrine

Imam said: The friend of everyone is his wisdom the enemy of everyone is his ignorance and silliness.

Imam said: Science and knowledge are like treasures, and the key to them is question, so ask and Allah may bless you, because by this question four groups benefit:

1.The asker

2.The teacher

3.The listener

 4.The answerer

Imam said: Liking people and friendship is half of wisdom.
Imam said: There is a piece of advice in everything your eyes see.
Imam said: Cleanliness and neatness is of virtues of the prophets.


Imam's martyrdom

Mamoon had told one of his servants not to cut his nails, and ordered him to put some poisons in his nails and prepare a pomegranate and pollute it with the poison. The servant obeyed his master and prepared the pomegranate. Mamoon offered the poisonous pomegranate to Imam. Imam rejected, Mamoon insisted and threatened Imam that he would kill him if he didnt eat. Imam ate some pomegranate under obligation. After a few hours the poison polluted Imams body and he became ill.  The morning of the next day (29th of Safar of year 203 H.G.) Imam Reza (PBUH) was martyred.

imam reza

Imam's burial

By divine will and power, Imam's son, Imam Jawad (PBUH) washed his father's body and said prayer for him. Imam's body was buried in Mashhad with the accompaniment of many of his Shiites and followers.

Though centuries pass from the life of Imam Reza (PBUH), his holy shrine is the cause of blessing and honor for the Iranians.


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