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An Ingot of Gold

Imam Reza

I (i.e.Ibrahim b. Musa) kept worrying Imam Abu al-Hasan al-Reza(A.S.) about something I needed from him and he promised me that I would get it.

One day he set out to meet the governor of Madinah. I went with him. He reached the vicinity of the palace of of the governor, and stopped there under some trees. I stopped with him. There was no one else with us.

I said to him: "May I be your ransom, the Ramadhan festival is drawing near and, by God, I don't even possess a dirham."

He scratched the earth vigorously with his whip. Then he struck it with his hand and took out of it an ingot of gold. Then he said: "Use this but keep secret what you have seen.

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